The proper gloves are leather gauntlet style gloves. The ones we use are Damascus D650 Cabretta Motorcycle Gauntlet gloves. They are about as close as you can get to the actual screen used gloves. These gloves are starting to become discontinued stock, so I have no idea how much longer you’ll be able to find them. Your best source for these gloves are Law Enforcement supply distributors, as these are commonly used for motorcycle policemen. Other people have had good luck finding similar style of gloves at local motorcycle shops.

The Damascus D650’s are sweet! The leather is high quality, and very soft and supple. I’ve worn these gloves in 90 degree plus weather, and they were not warm enough to cause any sweating. But yet, I’ve also worn these in cool temperatures and they kept my hands warm. I highly recommend these gloves.

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As the original Damascus 650 has been discontinued, these sellers have filled the void. Another is listed in the JRS Base Exchange on our Forum. … ge=details … l#deerskin