The screen used boots were East German Officer Jack Boots. The boots are usually a very tough find. We got lucky and found a local Army / Navy Surplus store that had about a dozen pairs of these boots. They were ordered in for the previous year’s Halloween, and they still had some left.

A few items regarding these Jack boots… Since they are East German made, the boot sizes are Euro. I normally wears a US Men’s Size 10. The closest sized boots I could find were a Euro 28, and I probably could have used a size 29 or 30 since my toes are real close to the end of the boot. I also discovered that Euro sized boots are very narrow in the foot. I do have a narrow foot, but these are almost too snug. After about 6 hours of wearing them, they start to get very hard on the feet. I’m planning on taking them to a shoe repair shop and see if I can get them stretched some in the width. I believe this will make a huge improvement in the fit.

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