Character Requirements of the 181st Fighter Group Pilot uniform:

1. Imperial TIE pilot helmet

Two Imperial cog decals with a 2.75″ diameter.(white or silver)
Two greeblies (aluminum or custom made), one over each ear See Illustration

Flat or bubble lenses in either smoke gray or dark green.
Hose ports cut out for chest box hoses


1.) Helmet fans
2.) Voice amplifier
3.) Silver widow tears painted on face of helmet
4.) Silver painted teeth in helmet frown
5.) Silver or gunmetal painted chin
6.) Silver or gunmetal painted cheeks between ears and corners of teeth
7.) Silver or gunmetal painted recessed areas at corners of eyes
8.) One quarter of right hand cog on helmet cut out resembling a triangle
9.) TI# painted in silver on front edge of the Mohawk

No other colors are correct for this costume’s helmet.





2. Imperial Flight Suit

As seen on the standard Black TIE pilot costume except for the red blood stripe running from the tip of the shoulder down the sleeve, under the armpit down to the boot on the outside seem of the leg. Correct collar closure, pockets, Imperial Emblem patch (point facing up) are still required for approval of this costume.

3. Flight Ejection Harness

Gray ejection strap harness as diagramed below, measured and made to fit the individual pilot.


4. Standard Black Officer’s Belt
w/greeblie. Two inches wide


5. Standard black boots
German Jack boot or acceptable replacement


6. Standard black gauntlet type gloves


7. Standard TIE Communication Pad


8. Black Bracer Optional.


9. Balaclava
To be worn under the helmet and under the colar of the flightsuit to hide any skin or hair that may be visible under the helmet.


Though not seen in any drawings, the neck must be covered by a balaclava or neck seal. At no time should hair be seen out from under the helmet.

10. Gray Flak Vest.



11. The Fel Style Chest Box

Standard Type A box for 181st/Baron Soontir Fel Chestbox


Optional Type B box for 181st/Baron Soontir Fel Chestbox

The rocker and button figuration is accepted. Third hose is required as in Type A box. The Dreaded Third hose is not optional. It must be connected to the box and its open end hung on the belt assuming that it is then connected to a supplemental environmental supply aboard the Fighter.

12. The Grey nylon mesh flight harness.



clip_image010 clip_image012 clip_image014 clip_image016

Star Wars Miniature figure:


The New Essential Guide to Characters illustration

clip_image029  clip_image028

Here we see the facial hair on one picture and not in another. If we are to assume that both are Baron Soontir Fel not only does he have a “Widow’s Peek” but no facial hair. The picture on the left is the “a typical” Baron Fel with Goatee. In the Artists rendering on the left, the hoses are light gray, they should be black. The flak vest here shown as “white” should be gray. The flight suit shown on the left is olive drab where it should be black.

Also notice the lack of collar closure on the flightsuit. This is still required on all standard issue flight suits. Also, take notice that the Imperial Emblem at the shoulder is shown flat side up and tip side up. We also see bracers on the picture on the right but not on the left.

Though we see these inaccuracies in the printed material, it is our belief that the standards set with the screen accurate costume should be met for this EU version to be approvable.

Dress Uniform Requirements:

The Officer’s Dress uniform is the Standard Imperial Dress Black (illustrations in shades are meant to be black but loses detail in print) uniform with the blood stripe on both sides of the collar and running down the sleeves. The Stripe does not appear under the arms or on the slacks as they do on the flight suit. Despite what might be said the Gray Imperial Cap is the cover required for the dress uniform.

clip_image031    clip_image033